School Council

At the beginning of every year each class holds an election to choose members to go forward and represent the classes on our School Council.  Two pupils are chosen by their class to represent Primary 3 to 7 with Primary 1 and 2 being represented by Miss Mc Veigh.  The School Council meets twice termly to discuss issues that have arisen, solutions to these issues and views which affect the children and the school.  The Council make decisions which are then brought to the principal.  They have a small budget for purchasing items they agree are needed for the school.  We believe it is a very important part of the pupils education that they are given a voice, allowed to take on leadership roles and are provided with a forum for making decisions about their school.

Here are just some of the decisions that have been instigated by our School Council:

  • Devising a Playground Charter for positive behaviour in the playground.
  • Devising a rota for playground games.
  • The purchasing of skorts for the school camogie team.
  • To hold a joint sports day with the children from Armoy Primary School.