Waste Week 2018

The whole school took part in Waste Week with all classes taking part in activities linked to our environment and waste.  At the end of the week certificates were given out to those children that teacher’s felt had made a significant contribution to the activities held during the week.


We’re the Eco Heroes here to say Hello! 1 2 3 4 ok now let’s go!

We reduce, reuse, recycle, Turn off energy and save the day.

It’s not that hard, just go green and join the Eco Team today.

We are Eco, we are cool, we look after St Olcan’s School!!

For more Eco Schools information and to keep up to date, feel free to check out our Eco-notice board in the Assembly hall. 

Well done to Primary 5 who delivered an assembly as part of Earth Day on Friday 22nd April. Everyone learned about how a community in Brazil saved their environment from the damages of litter and pollution.

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Rachel from Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust visited St Olcan’s to help us construct a ‘Bug Hotel’. We can’t wait to see what biodiversity it attracts into our school. Thanks to all the parents and children who donated materials.

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The winter gardening club with Harry Connolly has been a success!! Look at our lovely plants and flowers.

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The Eco Committee weighed all the waste during Waste Week to see if we had reduced the amount of general waste going to landfill. Check out our Eco notice board to see how we have done.

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The Eco Committee are busy litter picking at break and lunch time.



Congratulations to the McClean and McBride families who made a special effort during Waste Week to go ‘package free’. Keep up the good work. DSC05736

Everyone made a huge effort to reduce waste during Waste Week. There were lots of empty plates and lots of children reused their packaging all week. Some children even went all week without any packaging in their lunch boxes.

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P4/5 carry out activities in class about waste management and the dangers of littering. This was part of our ‘Live Here, Love Here’ Day of Action.

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Eco Schools 2014/15

Eco Schools is a programme that promotes sustainable living through whole school action.  We joined the programme a few years ago and have achieved both the Bronze (step 1) and Silver (step 2) awards. Over the next year we will be working towards achieving the Green Flag. We have an Eco-Committee, made up of children from Primary 4 to Primary 7. We meet regularly to discuss our opinions and what action should be taken to make our school more Eco-friendly. The Eco-Committee focus on various different areas:


One of our initiatives is ‘Eco Warriors’.  Each month one child from each class is chosen for this position.  These pupils carry out various duties to make our school more energy efficient- such as switching off lights and whiteboards, closing doors, checking taps and emptying fruit scraps into our compost bins.  A list of the Eco Warriors for each month is available on the Eco Board.

Throughout November last year the children participated in Energy Month. The Eco-Committee presented an assembly to the rest of the school and all of the children made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of energy that they consumed.


Jill, from the local council, presented a talk on composting and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. She presented St Olcan’s with 2 compost bins which are nearly full. When the contents break down we hope to use the compost to plant vegetables in our flower beds.

During Waste Week children tried to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in their lunch boxes. Sharon, our caretaker, weighed our bin bags each day. We were able to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.


At St Olcan’s we strive to make our school grounds litter free. 2 members of the Eco-Committee are designated litter pickers for a month.

Healthy Living

We encourage everyone to exercise every day. Playing outside, Fundamentals, PE, Swimming and After Schools Clubs are all great ways that our children keep fit and healthy. We also talk about healthy food and only allow drinking water in the classrooms.

Biodiversity and School Grounds

During the winter months the Eco-committee put fat balls into our bird feeder to encourage birds to visit our garden. Along with Mrs Maginn, children have been busy planting to encourage insects to visit our green area. We are aiming to start a gardening club to help improve the look of our school grounds.

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Fun at Gardening Club! We planted winter Pansys, Tulips, Crocus bulbs and daffodils. Fingers crossed they grow.



Frank collects fruit and vegetable peelings for our compost bin, while Patrick stirs the contents to help them break down.









We had some visitors at our bird feeders
We had some visitors at our bird feeders





The Children help to plant seeds in our flower beds. Orla even planted some seed potatoes- We can’t wait to see them grow!

The Eco-Committee, along with Mrs Maginn, have been busy clearing the weeds from the flower beds to get ready for planting again DSC03998DSC03994



The Eco-Committee, along with Mrs Maginn, have been busy clearing the weeds from the flower beds to get ready for planting again.